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Lamar County, Alabama – Court Records

Hunting down Lamar County, Alabama court records is a similar process to hunting down records for many other counties in Alabama – it means directly contacting the courts of Lamar County. While there are certain other methods that you can utilize online, the only way to access those records provided by the courts themselves is to contact them by telephone or in person.

The Lamar County Circuit Court can be visited in person at 330 First Street Northeast, Vernon, AL 35592, and contacted with a phone at (205)695-7193.

The Lamar County District Court can be found at its street address of 330 First Street Northeast, Vernon, AL 35592, and their telephone number is (205)695-7193.

If you are looking for the Lamar County Probate Court, you can visit their physical presence at 44690 Highway 17, in Vernon, AL 35592. Alternatively, you can contact them by telephone at (205)695-9119, or via facsimile at (205)695-8522.

If contacting these courts have not delivered unto you the answer which you seek, then your best remaining option is to contact the Alabama State Law and Supreme Court Library. In addition to being the library of the highest court in the land of Alabama, this library also houses a huge majority of the court records for Alabama, and their reference desk should be able to facilitate any search you may have. You can contact the reference desk at (800)236-4069, and by email at [email protected].

Finally, an online resource provided for lawyers that can access legal records can be found here: