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Lee County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

Have you ever had a warrant put out against you? Have any of your friends, or maybe someone in your family had an arrest warrant placed against them in Lee County, Alabama? If so, then you are surely aware of the challenges that such an official action can place upon you and your family.

Broadly speaking, it is best to surrender yourself to the police if there is a warrant in your name, because getting picked up during a traffic stop or even at your home can cause a great deal of trouble. But how do you find out if there is an arrest warrant for you in Lee County, Alabama? It’s not like these are advertised in the paper.

The best way to learn about your arrest warrant status is to directly contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. While many sheriff’s offices require you to appear personally in order to find out warrant information, you should always try to contact them by telephone first – if for any other reason than to save yourself an embarrassing visit to the police station.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office telephone number is (334)749-5651. Alternatively, you can email the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at [email protected].

If you are trying to find out instead if someone you know has actually been both arrested and incarcerated, then the Alabama Department of Corrections has a tool that will be of great use to you. Capable of searching a statewide database of all imprisoned persons, this is the first tool you should use when looking for someone you think was arrested recently. This cool can be accessed at