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Lee County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Thanks to the wonder that is the Alabama Department of Public Health, accessing and maintaining copies of marriage and divorce records for Lee County, Alabama is an easy, straightforward, and mercifully painless affair.

Where many official records, like court records, jail records, and even arrest records are difficult to find and poorly maintained by those officials charged to do so, marriage licenses and divorce records are anything but. Because the ADPH actively maintains their database of marital records and divorce certificates, getting a copy of either – or even both! – is as simple as mailing a form into the ADPH.

Even better, either of these record types are available to anyone in Alabama, for any reason – whether you’re related to the person named on the record or not.

If you would like to access a copy of a marriage record of any kind for any person living in Alabama – including in Lee County – simply visit this link and follow the directions. Similarly, if you’re after a divorce certificate or record, then visit this link, and follow those directions.

You should be aware, also, that obtaining copies of any type of Vital Record through the ADPH costs fifteen dollars, and each subsequent copy is six dollars. This fee is to help the ADPH maintain their database. For more information concerning this fee, and other ADPH issues, feel free to visit their main web page at

The ADPH even has a branch office located in Lee County, Alabama, as well as a web page. This office can be found at 1801 Corporate Drive in Opelika, AL 36801, reached by telephone at (334)745-5765, and their web page is located at