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Lee County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

Accessing many kinds of records in Alabama, or any other state, can be more than a little bit difficult – it can be an exercise in horrible frustration. The reasons for this are multitude: poorly-maintained online databases, insufficient manpower, and even simply not knowing where to start your search.

However, finding birth certificates and death records for Lee County, Alabama is not at all difficult.

Provided that you meet certain requirements – which generally means that you are direct kin of the person named on the certificate, or are that person themselves – then getting ahold of both birth records and death certificates is an easy affair. This is because only a single official entity in Alabama is charged with maintaining these records – the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Although the ADPH does not keep a listing of all of the birth certificates and death certificates accessible online for Lee County, Alabama, it does provide an avenue by which you can access them. Because there are so many official and financial documents that you can access with these records, it is important to keep them secure.

The page which details how to request a copy of a birth certificate, along with all of its requirements, can be found here: Similarly, the version of that page that deals with death certificates can be found here:

As a final note, please know that copies of Vital Records cost $15 for the first one printed, and $6 for each printed copy after that.