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Lee County, Alabama – Court Records

Searching out, finding, and accessing court records for just about any county in the United States can be frustrating, and this is often the case for almost all of the counties in Alabama. However, it does not have to be – as long as you know where to search for records, then getting ahold of them is a simple and easy process.

Getting court records for Lee County, Alabama is as simple as contacting the appropriate court’s record-keeping office and filing for an official request. While we cannot provide you with the request forms themselves, we can provide you with all of the contact information that you will need in order to get ahold of the court records you’re hunting.

The best place to begin looking for court documents in Lee County is with the Lee County Probate Court. Reachable by telephone at (334)745-9761 and by email at [email protected], directly contacting the Probate Court in this fashion is the most likely method to achieve the results you are looking for. This court also maintains an active website, which can be accessed at

If the Lee County courts cannot find the type of court documents that you are looking for, then you should next try and reach the Alabama Supreme Court State Law Library. Their reference desk of this library exists solely to help facilitate legal research, which includes the fetching of legal records for citizens of Alabama. They can be reached by email at [email protected], or by phone at (800)236-4069.