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Limestone County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

If you’re concerned that there might be an arrest warrant out there with your name on it, then don’t delay – you need to find out as quickly as possible. Because getting picked up by the police when there is an active arrest warrant for Limestone County in your name can be such a traumatic ordeal, you need to know at all times if the police are after you.

The best place to begin is right at the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office’s website, which is located at Here, you will find all of the contact information for the office, as well as a variety of different pages for things like the Limestone County Sex Offender Registry (located at and a page of web links to other community web sites (located at

Should you choose to visit the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office directly, you can do so at 101 West Elm Street, in Athens, AL 35611, and you can reach them by telephone at (256)232-0111.

To inquire as to the arrest records of specific individuals in Limestone County, then you should contact the person in charge of records for the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office. This person can best be contacted through email, and their address is [email protected].

Finally, if contacting the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office isn’t helping in your search for Limestone County arrest records and warrants, then you should visit the Inmate Search Tool, provided by the Alabama Department of Corrections. This tool, located at, can be used to find any prisoner in the state of Alabama.