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Limestone County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

Getting your hands on all sorts of different kinds of vital records can be a huge hassle, especially if you don’t know where to look – or even where to start looking. Most people would plug “birth certificate Limestone County” in a search engine and hope for the best, clicking on every result for three pages before giving up in frustration. Some people might call the county clerk’s office, and some might even visit the local court.
But none of these are necessary.
Instead, all that you will need to do is prepare proper identification, make ready the proper fee amount ($15.00 for the first copy of a birth certificate or a death record and then another $6.00 for each copy after that), and get into contact with the Alabama Department of Public Health.
This is because the ADPH handles all of the vital records needs for the entire state of Alabama, whether you live in Limestone County or Autauga County or anywhere in between.
To access the page that will detail all of the specific requirements that surround accessing a birth certificate, then visit this link: Similarly, if you are looking for the information pertinent to a death certificate or death records search for Limestone County, then visit this link:
While there are specific limitations for each of these, they are all lifted 125 years after the person named by the birth record has been born, or 25 years has elapsed since the death of the person named on the death certificate has passed.