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Limestone County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Your reasons are entirely your own, but if you have come across this page, then chances are you are trying to figure out a way to access marriage records and divorce records of some kind. Maybe you are worried that your ex-husband is trying to get married again and swindle all of your hard-earned money on a bride half his age, or maybe your runaway daughter has applied to get married recently. Regardless, in Alabama, it is your right to know at any given time whether or not someone has been married or divorced.
More than just the raw information of whether or not they have become wed or divorced, however, is the ability to receive the actual certificate of marriage or record of divorce for that particular individual. And in Alabama, you can access a copy of these records whether you are related to the people that have been named on the certificates or not. This makes finding out specific information about just about anyone a pretty easy process, but it also means that conducting very specialized historical research can be a painless and easy process.
To begin, you will want to visit the website of the Alabama Department of Public Health, which is For specific information dealing with marital records, visit this link: For records of divorce and other similarly-themed documents, then visit the corresponding ADPH link at