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Limestone County, Alabama – Court Records

Throughout the state of Alabama, one of the more difficult to procure types of official records remain court records. Often, counties in Alabama do not have an online website established for their court system, meaning that just figuring out where the courts even are can be a hassle – let alone getting your hands on their records. Thankfully, getting court records in Limestone County doesn’t need to be that difficult.
Your best bet is to simply log onto the primary homepage of the Limestone County Office of the Probate Judge at Here, you will find a variety of links that will direct you to various official court places. You may also contact this court directly at 100 South Clinton Street Suite D, in Athens, Alabama, or at (256)233-6427.
Additional contact information for a wide variety of different Limestone courts can be found at the Limestone County Gateway to Alabama official homepage. You can find this contact page at
If, however, none of these contact numbers end up getting you the records you need – perhaps they are too old, or are in fact from another county – then we recommend that you contact a statewide institution that collects and maintains legal records from across Alabama. This institution is the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library, and their reference desk is an excellent resource for this type of research. You can best reach them at [email protected], or at (800)236-4069.