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Lowndes County, Alabama – Arrest Records and Warrants

If you have ever had to deal with having an arrest warrant placed in your name, then you’re familiar with all of the anxiety that can bring: stress, panic, the inability to travel. Every aspect of life changes out of the raw fear that you will be picked up before you are ready to surrender yourself. Unfortunately, if you have an arrest record out in your name in Lowndes County, Alabama, there is little that you can do – but you can be prepared, and you can inform yourself.
The first thing you must do is discover whether or not there is actually a warrant in your name – there’s no reason to get all stressed out if you have nothing to worry about. The best way – and the only way in Lowndes County, AL – to discover this is by contacting the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office direct. This is because Lowndes County does not provide and online listing of arrest records and or warrants, both due to privacy laws and an entire lack of a sufficient website. You can visit the office in person at 1 South Washington St., in Hayneville, AL 36040, or by contacting their office by telephone at (334)548-6151.
You should be very careful if you choose to visit the office in person, however. Many Sheriff’s offices will not inform people over the phone if they have an arrest warrant, and will instead ask you to come in in person – which means you will be arrested! Because of this, we strongly recommend that you contact a defense attorney before proceeding.