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Lowndes County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

Have you ever tried looking up an official record for Lowndes County, Alabama? It can be tremendously difficult if you wish to access just about any kind of record. Due to ancient online systems and a series of privacy restrictions, hunting most kinds of records online in Alabama is challenging.
Thankfully, this is not the case with birth records and death records.
Because birth certificates and records of death are housed and maintained exclusively by the Alabama Department of Public Health, accessing these types of records is a simple matter of proving that you are eligible to receive such records. However, because these types of vital records are used for so many critical, and often financial, documents, you must either be the person indicated by the certificate or bear a specific level of relation to them. The requirements for birth records are more strict than for death records.
A full list of requirements to access birth certificates, birth records, and other types of vital records that involve the birth of a person can be located here:
The same type of requirements list for death certificates/death records can be located here:
Lowndes County also has its own ADPH branch office, which you can access by visiting this link: You can also contact this office by telephone at (334)548-2564, or visiting the office in person at 507 East Tuskeena Street, in Hayneville, AL 36040.