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Lowndes County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Unlike many types of official documents for the state of Alabama, marriage and divorce records are not difficult to access. Due a wide-ranging policy in Alabama that favors privacy over transparency, and a rather broad lack of in-depth online accessibility, many records are almost impossible to come by.
However, under Alabama state law, finding out whether or not a person either has or is married, or has been divorced, is considered to be public knowledge. Specifically, the marital records, including marriage licenses, and divorce records of all kinds, can be gotten by any person at any time in the state of Alabama.
The other reason why these records are much more easily accessed is because the Alabama Department of Public Health – a single entity – governs all records of this type, as well as other vital records. Because one of their primary functions is the dispatch of these types of records, all that you need to do to get your hands on them is to simply filly out the required paperwork, submit a small fee ($15 for the first copy, $6 per copy after that), and then wait for the mailman to come.
All of the information you will need to get marriage records can be found here: Similarly, everything you need for divorce records can be found here:
You can also visit the Lowndes County section of the ADPH website at, or contact them by telephone at (334)548-2566. You may also visit their office in person at 507 East Tuskeena St, in Hayneville, AL, 36040.