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Lowndes County, Alabama – Court Records

Despite the prevalence of online accessibility for many people, and the fact that many institutions keep a wide variety of different records usually means that just about anybody can get their hands on these records whenever they like. Unfortunately, both because of a set of archaic privacy laws and because a huge majority of the Alabama court system is not online, getting ahold of court records for Lowndes County, Alabama can be an extraordinarily difficult practice.
But it does not have to be. Whether you decide to utilize one of the many online services for procuring court records, or you decide to contact the courts themselves, the most important thing you can do is know the correct channels. Below, we will outline some of the best methods of contacting the courts.
The first court to contact would be the Circuit County Clerks Office. This office is located at 1 S Washington St, in Hayneville. You can reach them by telephone at (334)548-2547.
Depending on the type of court record that you are looking for, you may wish to get into contact with the Lowndes County District Judge. The address for this court is the same as the Clerks Office, and can be contacted by telephone at (334)548-2591.
Finally, you may require family, spousal, or other types of family-based court records. These records are best acquired by contacting the Family Court of the State of Alabama. Located at 1111 Air Base Boulevard, Montomery, AL, they can also be reached by telephone at (334)240-7367.