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Clarke County Birth and Death Records

Are you in charge of managing the family lineage tree and need to determine where, how, and when a long lost member of the family passed? Do you need to figure out where and when they were born, and to whom? Are you looking for a long-lost family member, and aren’t sure where else to start but for their birth record?

Regardless of why you are looking for birth certificates or death certificates, they are often the only type of document that can effectively demonstrate the information you are seeking. Required for a wide variety of identification forms like state-issued ID cards, birth certificates are a non-negotiable requirement. Because of this, it is important to know how to obtain copies of both birth and death certificates.

The best, and the only place in Alabama, to receive a copy of either of these Vital Records is through the Alabama Department of Public Health. This department manages all types of Vital Records, the other two being marriage and divorce records.

You should be aware that unless you are the person indicated on the birth certificate, you must be able to demonstrate that you bear a specific level of relationship to them. The full list of requirements can be found at

Alternatively, the requirements for death certificates can be found at

While you can obtain a copy of these forms directly through the above links, you can also visit the Clarke County branch of the ADPH. Their office is located at 22600 Highway 84 East, Grove Hill. Their telephone number is (251)275-3772.