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Clarke County Jail and Prison Records

Are you searching for a friend that you think may have been imprisoned in Clarke County? Concerned that your new employee wasn’t entirely honest about never having been arrested in Clarke County? No matter why you are searching for jail and prison records, you will be required to contact by telephone, email, or in person at the appropriate offices. That is because, like many of the counties in Alabama, Clarke County does not provide an online listing of either prior prison records or a listing of current prisoners.

The best place to begin your search for jail and prison records is at the Clarke County Jail. Their website is The jail’s address is PO Box 913, and is in Grove Hill. They may be contacted by telephone at (251)275-8132. Generally, the best way to find a specific prisoner in this jail is to simply contact the Clarke County Jail.

However, if you are looking for the actual prison records of an individual, you have two choices. You should first contact the Clarke County Circuit Clerk’s office, whom will have access to just about all of the criminal records in Clarke County. They may be reached by phone at (251)275-3363.

If you are an employer attempting to determine whether or not a prospective employee has a criminal background or a prison record, then you may find the appropriate forms at Please note, however, that the prospective or current employee must give their consent in order for you to access this form.