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Clarke County Court Records

Finding court records in any county in Alabama can be difficult. This is because in addition to a myriad of privacy concerns that limit the types of court documents that can be placed online, many counties in Alabama do not provide any sort of online database of those court records which are considered public information. Because of this, alternate methods must often be sought out to obtain the court records you may be searching for.

Although Clarke County does not provide an online database of court proceedings and court records, the county has made it easy to find the correct legal department to contact. The Clarke County Circuit Clerk, which is currently run by Jay Duke, handles all of the divorce, small claims, circuit court, child support, district court, traffic, circuit criminal, district criminal, and protection from abuse cases. Although some of these are considered private, many of them are not.

The Clarke County Circuit Clerk’s website is They can be contacted by telephone at (251)275-3363, and visited in person at P.O. Box 921, Grove Hill, AL.

Alternatively, the Clarke County Probate Court may be able to best access the type of court records that you are hunting for, and is currently run by Valerie Bradford Davis. Their website can be located at The physical address of the court is the same as the Circuit Court.

Finally, the Grove Hill Chamber of Commerce may be able to access other types of public records. Their website is located at