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Cullman County Birth and Death Records

Being able to access birth certificates can be a critical thing. Necessary for the obtaining of many types of official records, as well as United States passports, it is crucial to be able to get ahold of your birth certificate in a timely fashion. Thankfully, this is a straightforward process in Alabama – thanks in large part to the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Because the ADPH maintains a full database of all Vital Records, which includes not only birth certificates, but also death records, marriage records, and divorce records, you need to go to only one place to obtain a copy of any such record. Death certificates, like birth records, have certain requirements placed over whom can access them, although marriage and divorce records do not.

Generally speaking, the requirements placed over birth certificates and death records are that you are either the person named on the certificate, or bear a very close blood (or marriage) relation to them.

A full list of the requirements to access birth records can be found here:, and a full list of the death record requirements can be found at

The requirements for birth records expire 125 years since the birth of the person named, and the requirements for death records expire after 25 years has elapsed since the person indicated died.

You should also note that the first copy of any Vital Record costs $15.00, and each copy after that of the same record is $6.00.

Finally, the branch office location for the Cullman County ADPH is 601 Logan Avenue, S.W., Cullman, Alabama 35055.