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Cullman County Jail and Prison Records

Some counties in Alabama provide an online database of individuals that are currently imprisoned within the jail system of that county. Unfortunately, Cullman County is not one of those counties. Due to this, if you are attempting to determine if a friend or family member is currently imprisoned in Cullman County, you must take alternate measures than simply visiting their official websites.

Unlike many counties in Alabama, Cullman County has a pair of excellent websites that can be highly useful to people looking for information about Alabama, even if they do not provide jail and prison record information. The website for the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office can be found at, and the official website for Cullman County itself can be found at

To determine whether or not a friend or family member of yours is currently imprisoned in Cullman County, or even to get ahold of the prison records of those persons currently imprisoned, then you should contact the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office directly. Although there are a number of contact links on their website, they can be contacted by telephone at (256)734-0342. The main office is located at 1910 Beech Ave SE, Cullman, AL 35055.

Contacting the Cullman County Detention Center is also a good idea, as it is probably where any given inmate of Cullman County is located. The street address of the Cullman County Correctional Facility is the same as that of the sheriff’s office, and their telephone number is (256)735-2400.