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Cullman County Court Records

Looking up court records anywhere in Alabama can be a difficult process. This is generally due to a series of privacy and court records laws, but also because very few counties in Alabama make these records available online in a state capacity. Because of this, you must contact the courts directly or go through a private agency to receive these records.

The best place to begin your hunt for Cullman County court records is with the Circuit & District Courts Clerk. This is because they will have access to the widest variety of records, and they will be able to point you in the right direction if you aren’t sure what type of court has the record that you are looking for. Robert Bates, the Circuit and District Courts Clerk, can be contacted at (256)775-4654, or in person at the Cullman County Courthouse, Room 303, 500 2nd Ave. S.W., Cullman, AL 35055.

Another option is to contact the Cullman County Probate Court. The Probate Court of Cullman County, presided over by the Probate Judge Leah Patterson-Lust, can be contacted by mail at PO Box 970, Cullman, AL 35056. It can also be contacted via telephone at (256)775-4808. Contacting the Probate Court is an ideal option if the court record that you are looking for in Cullman County is one that was of a civil matter, or a low-level financial matter.

A final option is to contact the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. Because they have access to such a wide variety of records and feature a dedicated reference staff, they should be able to track down just about any record. The Reference Desk can be contacted at (800)236-4069, or at [email protected].