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Cullman County Marriage and Divorce Records

If you have ever spent time looking for official records of just about any kind in Alabama, whether for Cullman County or any other county, then you have probably found that accessing these records can be tremendously difficult. Even if not available online, even getting ahold of these records offline can be difficult, as most institutions in Alabama do no provide a clear path to get ahold of these records.

Thankfully, this is not at all the case when attempting to discern the marital status of an individual or set of people. Under Alabama state law, marriage status and divorce records are considered to be public knowledge, and therefore anyone can access them.

The other reason that these records are easy to access is because, unlike so many other types of records in Alabama, all Vital Records, including birth and death records, are handled by the ADPH that you are willing to pay a $15.00 fee for the first copy of any Vital Record, and $6.00 for each additional copy, any person can request any marriage record or divorce record in Alabama.

A full listing of details regarding marriage records can be found on the ADPH’s corresponding web page, which can be located at Similarly, the version of this page that pertains to divorce records can be located here:

There is also a ADPH branch office located directly in Cullman County. Located at 601 Logan Avenue, S.W., Cullman, Alabama 35055, this office can handle all of the marriage record and divorce certificate needs that you may have.