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DeKalb County Birth and Death Records

Birth certificates and death certificates are part of a category of official records in Alabama that are known as Vital Records. Also encompassing marriage and divorce records, Vital Records tend to be those records that are necessary for accessing and handling certain types of legal and financial transactions. Because they are necessary for so many different types of transactions, it is important that you know how to access these documents when necessary.

Thankfully, getting ahold of your birth record or someone’s death record is a straightforward and simple process. Although each of these records has a relational requirement before you may access them, all Vital Records in Alabama are maintained by the Alabama Department of Public Health – meaning that accessing them is as simple as contacting the ADPH.

To access your birth record, or the birth record of someone related to you either by blood or marriage, then visit the corresponding ADPH web page at for information regarding relational requirements. The corresponding web page for death records can be found at

You should be aware the initial copy of any Vital Record, whether it is a birth record, a birth certificate, a death record, or the marital status of any individual, will require a $15.00 fee to the ADPH, with each copy after that costing $6.00. Because of this fee, these records are not available online.

Finally, the requirements for each of the Vital Records expire after a set period of time – 125 years after the date of birth on a birth certificate, and 25 years after the death of the person named on a death certificate.