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DeKalb County Jail and Prison Records

Determining whether or not a friend or family member of yours is currently imprisoned, or even if they have recently been imprisoned, should not be a difficult process. Unfortunately, because some counties within Alabama obfuscate necessary resources, getting ahold of this information is often difficult. Thankfully, DeKalb County, Alabama makes this a much easier process than many other counties.

Although DeKalb County does not provide a browsable database of recently-imprisoned individuals, it does provide a specialized search tool, which can be used to look up prisoners based on their date of birth, name, or even prisoner ID number. This tool, located at, is surprisingly powerful, and is capable of listing many of the prior charges attributed to the individual named.

There are also other means of finding out the incarceration status of persons in DeKalb, Alabama, or anywhere else in the state. While the tool above includes only those persons arrested and charged in DeKalb County, the Alabama Department of Corrections has a similar tool that encompasses the entirety of the state. This tool is located at

The homepage of the Corrections Department of the Sheriff’s Office of DeKalb County also can provide useful information, including those persons whom are employed by the Department of Corrections. This homepage is located at

The official homepage of the DeKelab County Sheriff’s Office itself can be found at Here, you can email the sheriff, as well as schedule a visit to their office.

Finally, inmates can be inquired about by calling the detention center at (256)845-8565.