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DeKalb County Court Records

Hunting down court records of just about any kind can be a pain anywhere in Alabama. Both because of inadequate online resources and a long, archaic series of privacy laws, many court records for DeKalb County, Alabama are either not online or, in many cases, simply not accessible by the general public. However, that does not mean that you will not be able to access any of these records, but that you may need to follow additional steps in order to access them. This can mean utilizing a private, non-state business to retrieve records, or by contacting the various courts personally.

However, if you are a lawyer, then the Alabama Judicial System’s search tool can be used to look up nearly any court decision in Alabama. That tool can be accessed here:

For those of you whom do not wish to use a private business and are not a lawyer, you should begin by contacting the Office of the Probate Judge of DeKalb County by calling (256)845-8510, or by visiting the court in person at 300 Grand Ave SW #100, Fort Payne. Although the types of records that the Probate Court will have access to can be somewhat limited, they will be able to direct you to the appropriate court if possible.

If the matter you are looking up is a criminal case, then you should contact the Circuit Court of DeKalb County. This office can be reached by dialing (256)845-8544, or by visiting them in person at the same address as the Probate Court.

Finally, you may wish to utilize the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library’s Reference Desk. This desk can be contacted by telephone at (800)236-4069, or by email at [email protected].