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DeKalb County Marital Status Records

Due to state law, determining the marital status of an individual, whether you are related to them or just curious about them, is an easy process that requires only the payment of a small fee and filling out the proper paperwork. Whether you are trying to determine if someone you began dating is currently married or has been divorced, or if you want to see if a divorce was finalized, or any other aspect of marriages or divorces, you are entirely free to do this.

Not only is it considered to be public information, it is also easy to access these records due to how they are maintained. Unlike many types of official records, all Vital Records, which also include birth and death records, are maintained by the Alabama Department of Public Health. To access the web page dedicated to attaining a copy of a marriage certificate for an individual, then visit this page: The version of this page that deals with divorce records can be found here:

You should note, however, that marital records or divorce records are not available online from the ADPH. This is primarily because in order to access these records, you must pay a $15.00 fee to the ADPH for the first copy of any Vital Record that is accessed, and then $6.00 for each copy after that. Provided that you are willing to fill out the proper paperwork and are willing to pay these fees, then nothing can stop you from finding out whom is married to whom.