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Madison County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

Searching for many different types of records, whether they are official state records, legal records, court records, or nearly any other kind of record, can be a huge hassle if you don’t know where to look. Many court records are scattered through a variety of different legal institutions in the state of Alabama, many jail and prison records are found in a myriad of different places too.
Thankfully, for the entire region of Alabama, all birth and death records – which are considered to be Vital Records – are maintained by the Alabama Department of Public Health. Looking up birth certificates and death records for Madison County is a straightforward and easy process.
What this means for you, the record seeker, is that you need to look in only one place for this kind of record. While these records are not freely available to all people, it nonetheless makes what can be a difficult process much easier. The process ultimately comes down to this: once you verify that you have the right to access birth certificates or birth records through the Alabama DPH, you simply pay a small fee (fifteen dollars), and they will send you the requested documents. The process is essentially the same for death certificates and records of death.
The specific limitations for birth certificates can be accessed here:
The things necessary for death records can be found here: Death:
Finally, limitations on birth certificates are lifted after 125 years, and after 25 years for death records.