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Madison County, Alabama – Court Records

Even attempting to search for court records in much of Alabama can be tremendously difficult: ancient websites, archaic laws, even nonexistent telephone support lines. Just figuring out who to call can be a multiple-hour effort using an internet search engine.
Thankfully, this is not the case for court records in Madison County, Alabama – thanks in part to a wide set of well-designed, official websites. Their homepage on the web, found at, serves as a portal for the rest of the services that they offer online. But if you’ve come to this page, then you will be primarily interested in the This page details all of the various court structures throughout Madison County, and can be a useful starting point.
As if just having that website were not useful enough, the Madison County Circuit Clerk’s Office also provides a detailed Records Request Page, which directs you and tells you where to send your inquiries. We will repeat this information here, although the page can be found at (Please note that the form found at will be necessary for any records request.)
For family court and domestic issues, send your form to Jane C. Smith, Circuit Clerk, Records Search – Family Court Division. 100 North Side Square, Huntsville, AL 35801.
You will also use this address for all District Court issues (civil issues, small claims, criminal issues, traffic issues) and Circuit Court issues (higher-level civil and criminal issues).