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Madison County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Have you recently begun dating someone new and are more than a little bit concerned that they haven’t been entirely honest with you? Maybe they are married, and are double-dealing both behind your back and the back of the person they once swore to love. Maybe they have even been divorced, the end result of the long and painful process of slain child. Perhaps they are a mere widow, and do not wish to speak of those events which occurred in the past.
No matter what their reasons for potentially hiding this information from you – or your reasons for needing to know this information – it is, in Alabama and under their laws, freely accessible information to anyone that follows the proper channels and pays the correct fees. The fees required are inexpensive, $15 for the first record and $6 for copies, and are designed only to cover the costs incurred by the Alabama Department of Public Health.
If you would like to request a copy of a marriage record, a marital certificate, or request other specific and official information from the Alabama DPH concerning marriages, then visit this link: Here, you will find all of the information necessary to obtain a copy of these records. Similarly, by visiting this link: you can obtain all of the information necessary to obtain copies of divorce records for anyone in the state of Alabama.