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Mobile County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

As the seat of one of the biggest and most affluent cities in Alabama, you would expect Mobile County to have better access to vital records than almost anywhere else in the state. This is, thankfully for the rest of Alabama, contrary to the case. However, this is not at a cost to those searching for birth certificates and death records for Mobile County, Alabama.
Because the Alabama Department of Public Health is a singular, state-wide entity that maintains all of the vital records for the entire state, anybody anywhere in Alabama has access to the same high-quality record keeping and fetching abilities of the ADPH. All that they have to do is meet the requirements of access for these records.
For birth certificates and birth records, you must demonstrate that you are either the person specifically named on the vital record, or you must be able to show that you are directly related to them. This means that random strangers are not access your own birth certificate! This is both for privacy and identity theft issues, which are a fairly large issue at this point in time. Full details on these requirements can be had at
Death records have similar requirements, although it is considerably easier to get your hands on these. To see full disclosure on these details, visit this link:
As a brief sidenote, all of these requirements lapse and are gone entirely 125 years after the birth of the person named on the birth record, and 25 years after the death of whomever was indicated by the death certificate.