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Mobile County, Alabama – Jail and Prison Records

Due to a variety of privacy laws and regulations in the state of Alabama – as well as at the national level – you cannot access the full criminal background of a person unless they have granted you permission to do so. If you believe you will be able to get permission and require the correct forms, then please visit
If, however, you wish only to see if a specific person has recently been arrested, or you just want to see a full list of persons currently imprisoned, then you are in luck – both the state of Alabama and the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office provide what should be more than adequate resources. The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, whom have a website at, can best be made of use through the following ways for a jail and prison records search:
1. By using the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Current Inmates database, which is located at
2. You can look at the Mobile County Metro Jail’s website, which has a variety of resources itself, and can be found at
3. Finally, you can see all of the people that are imprisoned at the Mobile County Metro Prison at their webpage at
If you still have not found the person that you are searching for, then you should use the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool, which is capable of searching for all persons whom have been recently arrested within the state of Alabama. This tool can be used and found at