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Mobile County, Alabama – Court Records

As with jail and prison records searches and arrest records and warrant searches in Mobile County, Alabama, performing a court records search in Mobile, Alabama is a surprisingly easy process – especially when compared to the rest of the state. This is because much of Alabama is very lacking in effective online resources for looking up specific types of information.
To begin your search for the court records of Mobile County, you are best served by visiting the website of the Mobile County Probate Court. This website can be found at, and it lists all of the functions of this court.
You can access the full suite of document recording at Here, various fees are explained for court records, including the main listing of fees which you can find at
A unique resource to the Mobile County Probate Court is a comprehensive listing of all of the records that the Mobile County Records Division maintains. It is exhaustive and appears to be complete, and you can take a look at it and read it at You can even perform an online records search by visiting At the bottom of the page are a series of different institutions that preserve and provide records to the public, which can be an incredible resource if the court record you are searching for has not yet been located.
A final resource is the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library – specifically, the reference desk located within the library. This desk is staffed with professionals in research that are dedicated to helping you get the records that you need, and they can best be reached via email at [email protected], or at (800)236-4069.