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Shelby County, Alabama – Birth Certificates and Death Records

No matter what you think, having a copy of your birth certificate on hand is a necessity. These types of vital records are critical to obtaining a wide variety of different types of official and non-state documents, and if you don’t know where to get your birth record, you’ll have a very difficult time with other aspects of record-keeping.

Similarly, a death certificate is absolutely critical to closing down the affairs of your formerly-alive family members; without this record, financial and other types of institutions will not be able to verify the expiration of that family member, and you may be stuck with some pretty heft bills.

Thankfully, the Alabama Department of Public Health maintains pretty much every birth certificate and death record for everyone in the state of Alabama. You can find out more about the ADPH at their website,

To see all of the different requirements for accessing a birth certificate, whether it is your own or for someone else in your family, then visit this link at the ADPH website: To see all of the requirements for getting a death record for a fallen family member, then visit this link:

You should also be aware that the ADPH charges the nominal fee of $15 for the first copy of any type of vital record that you should want, and then $6 for each copy after that.