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Shelby County, Alabama – Marriage and Divorce Records

Are you concerned that someone you have fallen in love with isn’t being 100% truthful with you? Maybe you have serious worries that your ex-wife has remarried your best friend, who disappeared at the same time she did? Maybe your fear isn’t quite so likely to engender anger, but rather sadness: maybe you are worried your daughter has actually eloped to another part of Alabama.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to find out if someone is currently married or has ever been married, you will not need to explain yourself to the people that handle those records. This is because in Alabama, you can access these records at any time you like, and for any reason. Arguably even better is the fact that the Alabama DPH has all of these records on hand and ready – all that you will have to do is fill out the proper paperwork to get a copy of that record.

To see a direct link to the paperwork you will need to fill out, please click here: This link is for marriage records. For the divorce records of Shelby County, or any other county in Alabama, visit this link:

And also, just so you are aware of this now, these records are not free – they must be fetched and then printed by ADPH workers. Because of this, the first copy of any vital record is a $15 charge, and then another $6 for each copy after that.