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Shelby County, Alabama – Jail and Prison Records

Getting access to jail and prison records for just about any county in Alabama can be extraordinarily difficult. Although this is sometimes due to many different laws in place to, ostensibly, protect the privacy and security of those imprisoned, it is more often than not because of insufficient resources on behalf of particular communities.
Fortunately for Shelby County, neither of the above problems are the case. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, located at, provides a wide variety of different tools and listings to get you jail and prison records for Shelby County, Alabama.
You should note at this point, however, that the only jail and prison records you can immediately access are of those persons currently in jail – you need consent to access an in-depth criminal background. If you wish to do so, you may access those forms here:
To see a full list of every person that has been booked or arrested recently in Shelby County, Alabama, visit this link: You can sort the information by booking date, charge/description, and when their visitation hours are. You can also search for individuals by their last name.
You are also able to view a listing of the persons that are deemed most wanted by Shelby County by visiting this link: While this is not a list of every person that is wanted by the county, it does provide an interesting window into those they consider to be the highest priority.