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Baldwin County Arrest Records and Warrants

If you or someone you know has reason to believe that they may have an active arrest warrant in Baldwin County, Alabama, then it is important to determine the nature of this warrant as quickly as possible so that the issue can be resolved quickly. Please note that if you have reason to believe that there may be a warrant out for your arrest, then a criminal defense lawyer should be contacted as quickly as possible.

The best place to begin when looking for active warrants is the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department website, which is located at Here, a variety of links relating to the policing of Baldwin County, as well as a series of local laws are listed.

Although some municipalities provide an online database of outstanding arrest warrants, Baldwin County does not do so and cites privacy concerns. Because of this, means other than the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department website must be consulted to determine whether or not you have an active warrant. According to the official sheriff’s website, you may directly enquire as to your warrant status at the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Corrections Center and speak to someone in the Docket Room. The address for this building is 310 Hand Avenue, Bay Minette, AL 36507.

While warrants for arrest are in themselves not listed by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department, a search database is available at, which provides information on whom was arrested, for what, their booking date, the bond amount required to be released, as well as whether or not they are still imprisoned. This database contains the above details of all individuals whom have been incarcerated in Baldwin County, and also serves as an arrest record for public use. More information about the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Corrections Command can be located at their website, which is