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Baldwin County, Alabama Jail & Prison Inmate Records Search

Whether you’re looking for prison inmates, jail records, different detention centers, or even a list of executed prisoners in Baldwin County, Alabama, then the best place to begin your search is at the Baldwin County Department of Corrections website. Their website is located here:

Another key resource for anything related to the Baldwin County jail system, as well as specific information about the Sheriff’s Department of Baldwin County, can be found at their official homepage at <a href="“> One of the best features of their website is a listing of currently incarcerated prison inmates which can be browsed in full at any time. That list is located here: <a href="“>

If you are attempting to search for an individual and know their first and last name, or their AIS number, then you will want to use the search form located here: <a href="“> Please note that prison records are only available for those individuals that are currently imprisoned due to privacy concerns, and although you may request a criminal record inquiry from the Alabama

Department of Public Health, you may need to meet particular requirements to obtain this information. Other resources that may be useful when looking for prison records or inmate records are the Alabama Department of Corrections listing of escaped prisoners, which lists all known escapees, and can be located at <a href="“> This AODC website also contains a listing of all current inmates that are awaiting execution on Death Row, and can be located here: <a href="“> A listing of prisoners that have been executed is located here: <a href="“>