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Baldwin County Birth & Death Records

If you are searching for birth certificates and records, or death records for Baldwin County, Alabama, then your single best resource will be the Alabama Department of Public Health, whose website is located at You should note that while the ADPH does cover the entirety of Baldwin County, and many specific searches for Baldwin County are available, the ADPH covers the entirety of Alabama.

If looking for birth records or birth certificates, then the corresponding ADPH page, located at, will be of great use to you. This page includes details on what types of records are available, as well as restrictions for conducting this type of vital records search. The database located here contains all records since 1908. Please note that all search for birth certificates is $15.00. Further, you should also note that records do not become publicly available until 125 year after the date of birth.

Alternatively, death certificates are available at the corresponding ADPH page, which is located at Like birth certificates, the database located here contains all death records since 1908. Unlike birth records, death certificates remain confidential for 25 years after the date of death, after which time they become available to anyone willing to pay the $15.00 fee. However, if you meet certain requirements, such as being related to the deceased, you may search for their record of death at any time. Please refer to the ADPH website for further details.

Another useful service provided by the Alabama Department of Public Safety is their Statistical Query page, which allows for broad, statistics-based searches to be conducted in a wide range of variables. That page is located at

Finally, for records dating from before 1908, you may wish to utilize the Baldwin County Department of Archives and History website, which focuses on older records. Their web site is located at