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The state of Alabama, similar to several other states in the country, does not provide a detailed list of searchable criminal court records. Generally speaking, states that do not provide such a searchable court case database are due to privacy concerns.

The only type of court records that are explicitly searchable for Baldwin County, Alabama are Probate Court Records. A simple search enquiry database can be found here, and a more detailed search mechanism for searching Baldwin County probate court documents can be found here A final version, which is arranged on a calendar, can be found here

In addition to probate court decisions and records, the dockets for each of the District and Circuit Court Judges is available online.

The Calendar and Docket for Circuit Court Judge Charles Partin can be found here:

The Calendar for District Court Judge Jody Bishop can be found here:

The Calendar for District Court Judge Michelle Thomason can be found here:

The Baldwin County Court System homepage may also be of benefit in the pursuit of court records, and is located at In addition to providing addresses and information for those with upcoming court proceedings, the Baldwin County Court System homepage also provides for information in handling traffic offenses, including a method to pay for traffic citations online.

A final resource that may be beneficial for individuals seeking upcoming Baldwin County court cases, decisions, or court documents may be the JAIL View application at the Baldwin County Corrections Center ( This tool provides a listing of individuals whom have been incarcerated, what their offense was, what their bond amount is, their age, and their provided address.