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Bullock County Arrest Records and Warrants

If you’re looking for a listing of arrest records and warrants in Bullock County, Alabama, then there are a few places where you should begin your search. Because having a warrant out for your arrest, or spending time with someone whom has a warrant out for their arrest can so dramatically impact both of your lives, it is important to discern as quickly as possible whether or not a warrant has been issued for you.

The best place to begin your investigation into outstanding warrants is with the Bullock County Sheriff’s Department. Their physical address is located at 217 N. Prairie St., Union Springs, AL 36089. They can be reached by telephone at (334)738-2670.

Because of the potential for privacy violations, warrants for arrests and arrest records in Bullock County are not officially provided on the Internet. However, by either visiting the Bullock County Sheriff’s Office or by contacting them by telephone, they will be able to inform you about the warrant status of specific individuals.

If you are looking for an individual that has been arrested and you believe may have been incarcerated, then the Alabama Department of Corrections has a Prison Inmate Search Tool that may be of use to you. Located at, this tool will allow you to look up prison inmates throughout the state of Alabama, including those imprisoned in Bullock County. Aside from calling the Bullock County Sheriff’s Office, this is the only other method to learn about the imprisonment and arrest records of specific individuals.