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Bullock County Jail & Prison Inmate Records Search

If you are trying to determine if an individual that you know is currently being housed in a jail or prison in Bullock County, Alabama, then the best place to begin is by directly contacting the jails themselves.

Bullock County Correctional, which is located at 104 Bullock Drive, Union Springs, AL, may be contacted by telephone at (334)738-5625.

Bullock County Jail, alternatively, is located at 114 Hardaway Ave W, Union Springs, AL, and may be contact via telephone at (334)738-2222.

Depending on what time of day that you are calling, you may have better luck by instead contacting the Bullock County Sheriff’s Office. In addition to having direct access to the local prisoner and inmate database, the sheriff’s office is more likely to have personnel on hand whom can handle your inmate search request. The address of the Bullock County Sheriff’s Department is 217 N. Prairie St., Union Springs, AL, and they can be contacted by telephone at (334)738-2670.

A final option that you have is to consult the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool, which allows users to search a state-wide database of inmates based on their name or AIS (Alabama Institutional Serial number) The DOC website is located at, and the Inmate Search Tool can be accessed at Although this tool functions as a state-wide inmate search tool, it can be narrowed down to focus on just Bullock County.

For more interesting records of prisoner and inmate statuses, both in Bullock County and throughout Alabama, you should consult the statistics section of the ADC, which is located at