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Bullock County Marriage & Divorce Records

Unlike some types of Vital Records, such as birth and death records, marriage and divorce records of all kinds are considered to be public knowledge in the state of Alabama. This means that, provided you are willing to pay the proper fee, then you can access any of the details of any marriage performed in Alabama, whether you’re looking for a marriage license or even just the marital status of an individual.

Although many types of records for Bullock County are stored in the Union Springs archives, you will be much better off by first visiting the Alabama Department of Public Health’s website in the pursuit of vital records. To obtain a copy of a marriage certificate, then visit Here, details of the type of information required to get the certificate is listed, as well as how to process the payment of the fee required to obtain the certificate.

If you are looking for divorce decrees or divorce records, then you will want to navigate to the appropriate section of the ADPH website, which is located at

Regardless of which type of Vital Record you are seeking to obtain, the ADPH charges a $15.00 fee for the first copy and $6.00 for each subsequent copy. The ADPH maintains a register of all marriages since 1936, and all divorces since 1950. For marriage or divorce records before those times, then contact the Bullock County City Clerk by telephone at (334)738-2720.