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Clay County Arrest Records & Warrants

Do you have reason to suspect that someone you know or are close to has a warrant out for their arrest or may be currently incarcerated? Could their legal status have a direct impact on your life, or on the life of those around you? If you have a need to know if an individual is imprisoned in Clay County, then there are a number of steps that you can take to discover their location.

Because Clay County does not have an online record of all currently active arrest warrants and imprisoned inmates, you will have to directly contact the various facilities in Clay County.

The best place to begin is at the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. Managed by Dorothy “Jean-Dot” Alexander and located at 41771 Hwy 77 in Ashland, the Sheriff’s Office will have a record of all current warrants and imprisoned individuals. Although they will be able to inform you whom currently inhabits the county prison, they may not be able to tell give you details into arrest warrants out for particular people. Often, police departments require individuals to come in person to the station, although you can contact them via telephone at (256)354-2176.

An alternative option is to contact the prison, which can be done by calling (256)315-4100. The Circuit Court will also be able to inform you of recent arrests made in Clay County, and they can be contacted via telephone at (256)354-2242.

Finally, you can use the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search Tool, which can be used to find any currently imprisoned individual in the state of Alabama. This tool is located at