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Clay County Marriage and Divorce Records

Unlike birth and death records, each of which have separate and strict requirements governing whom can access them, marriage certificate and divorce records are considered to be public knowledge in the state of Alabama. Because of this, any person can request information regarding the marital status of any individual at any time – no matter the purpose or their relationship to the person(s) named on the certificate.

The Alabama Department of Public Health ( maintains all of the Vital Records, of which marriage licenses and divorce records are included, in Alabama. In addition to providing a method of ordering Vital Records from their website, you may also visit the branch office located in Clay County to order records. The address of this building is 86892 Highway 9, and it is located in Lineville.

The ADPH provides a full list of all of the types of marriage records and data that it can provide to the citizens of Alabama at Here, you can order marriage records, as well as view information regarding relevant fees to obtain such records. Generally, the first copy of any Vital Record will cost $15.00, with subsequent copies costing $6.00.

Similarly, the ADPH provides a full list of the types of data available for divorces in Alabama, which can be accessed at As with marriage records, obtaining the first copy of any piece of divorce records will cost $15.00, with each additional copy requiring a fee of $6.00.