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Clay County Jail and Prison Records

Finding jail and prison records in Clay County, Alabama, whether for individuals or groups of people, can be an easy process if you know where to look. Although some types of records are not accessible without the consent of the person for whom you may be searching, many statistics and pieces of data are fit for public consumption.

The best place to begin your search for jail and prison records of people in Clay County is at the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. Although the Sheriff’s Office may not be able to give you extensive and older prison details, they should be able to tell you whom is currently incarcerated in the county jail. The contact number for the Clay County Sheriff’s Office is (256)354-2176, and the street address of the sheriff is 41771 Hwy 77, in Ashland.

Another resource for looking for individual prisoners or prison records in Alabama is by using the ADC Corrections Inmate Search Tool. Capable of searching through a registry of every person imprisoned in Alabama, this tool can help you track down exactly who you are looking for, and what prison they are in. This tool can be accessed at

If you are searching for jail and prison records statistics, then you should begin at the ACJIC. Their homepage is Some tools on their website which may be of particular use to use are the arrest records in 2009 by county, which can be accessed at, or all of the crimes committed in 2009 in Alabama, which can be accessed at