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Clay County Birth and Death Records

Having your birth certificate on hand is necessary for many different things: obtaining a driver’s license, taking out certain types of loans, verifying your health insurance information. However, because birth certificates can be used for so many things, they are often difficult to get ahold of. If you have lost your birth certificate, or are trying to locate a birth certificate or birth record for a friend or family member, you can — provided you meet certain requirements.

In Alabama, all birth records – and death records – are handled by the ADPH whose charge is to maintain all Vital Records. Generally speaking, in order to obtain a copy of a birth certificate for someone other than yourself, you must be able to demonstrate a high level of blood relation to them; the full list is located here:

Death certificates and death records also have certain requirements in order to access them, although these requirements are not as strict as for those of a birth certificate. The full list of requirements can be found here

It is important to note that most of the required elements for both birth and death records are lifted, at least in part, after a set period of time has elapsed from the birth date of the individual on the record (125 years), or after a period of time after the person mentioned on a death record has passe (30 years).

Finally, the initial copy of any such Vital Record costs $15.00, and each subsequent copy is $6.00.

You can visit the Clay County branch of the ADPH at 86892 Highway 9, in Lineville, and can telephone them at (800)970-8822.