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Clay County Court Records Search

Although getting ahold of specific court records for specific counties – like Clay County, Alabama – can be challenging if you do not know where to start your search, it does not have to be. While you may need to contact a variety of different institutions, it can make a tremendous difference just to have a good idea of where to start your search, and where you should go from there.

If the record you are looking for is a criminal, legislative, or other larger-scale and non-civil type of matter, then you should contact the Clay County Circuit Courthouse. This type of court handles all trials at this level, and the clerk should be able to retrieve data on specific cases or help you determine which data it is that you are searching for. The Clay County Circuit Courthouse can be contacted at (256)354-2242. Alternatively, you can visit the court in person by visiting their street address at 25 Court Sq., which is in Ashland.

If the data you are looking for was from a civil trial, then you must contact the Probate Court. This court shares the same address as the Circuit Courthouse, and their telephone number is (256)354-2198.

Another option, and one that can be an excellent starting point if you have very little contextual information, is by utilizing the Reference Desk at the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library. You can contact this desk by calling (800)236-4069, or by emailing them at [email protected]. Because this is a reference desk in a library, it will be staffed by people whose primary function is to help citizens research court cases.