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Conecuh County Arrest Records and Warrants

Unlike many of the other counties in Alabama, if you are looking for any information regarding the arrest warrant status of an individual (or yourself), then you will easily be able to find this information through an official channel. By visiting the official homepage of the Conecuh County Sheriff’s Office (located at, you will be able to access a wide variety of different resources for looking up warrant and arrest record information.

The best place to begin is simply at the actual Warrants section of the website (or by going to This database is updated every 24 hours, so although it will have the vast majority of active warrants inside of it, it may lack the most recent offenders. This page also contains a warning that warrant information should not be used for any other purpose than investigative, and that you should not attempt to make an arrest on anyone unless you are a police officer. The only information that is required is the name of the offender.

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If you are looking for the arrest record status of an individual or their warrant status and it is not listed on any of the above links, then you should contact the Conecuh Sheriff’s Department by calling (251)578-1260, or by visiting their main office at 104 Liberty Street, Evergreen AL 36401.