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Conecuh County Jail and Prison Records

Because a wide variety of privacy protection laws have been put in place in Alabama, jail and prison records are neither available officially online, nor are they freely available to the public. Although some records are available, you will have to contact the correct institution to find out. Generally speaking, most jail and prison records – except for those of individuals whom are currently incarcerated – require a letter of consent from the person with the jail or prison record.

If you’re looking for the prison or jail record of someone currently imprisoned in the Conecuh County Jail, then you should begin by directly contacting the jail at (251)578-1260, or by visiting the jail at 104 Liberty St., Evergreen, AL 36401. Alternatively, you could contact the Conecuh County Sheriff’s Office, whom will have an active roster of all prisoners currently serving time in Conecuh County. The contact number for the Sheriff is (251)578-1260, and the address is the same as the Conecuh County Jail.

The Conecuh County Sheriff’s Office website, which can be accessed at, hosts a variety of functions like a Warrant Search and Violent Offender search that may aid you in your research.

Finally, you can access the Alabama Department of Corrections Prison Inmate Search Tool to look for any prisoners throughout the state of Alabama. This tool can be found at The homepage for the ADC also hosts a variety of different resources that will be useful if you are hunting for statistics as well, such as a list of Escapes (at, and a data set on currently imprisoned individuals (at