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Conecuh County Birth and Death Records

Although finding court records, arrest warrant status, and jail and prison records for any county in Alabama – including Conecuh County – this is not the case with either birth certificates or death records. While neither of these records are quite considered public knowledge, they are nonetheless easily accessible.

This is because all Vital Records, which include birth records, death records, marriage records and divorce records, are maintained and archived by the Alabama Department of Public Health. The primary distinction between birth and death certificates versus marriage and divorce records is that only certain persons may access birth or death records, whereas anyone may access marriage and divorce records.

Generally, the requirements to access the birth certificate of someone other than yourself require that you are related to the person whom the certificate is for. A complete listing of the requirements to obtain a birth certificate can be found here, at the ADPH website:

Accessing the death certificate for someone has some regulations, but they are not quite as strict as those of birth records, although you will still need to have a level of relation to the person named. The full list of requirements can be found at

Whether you are trying to get a birth record or a death record, the ADPH requires you to pay a $15.00 fee for the first copy of each such record, and $6.00 for each subsequent record.

Finally, the restrictions governing whom can access these records are entirely lifted 125 years after the creation of a birth certificate, or 25 years after the creation of a death certificate.