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Conecuh County Court Records

Due to a variety of privacy laws, Conecuh County, Alabama does not provide an online database of court records. Although you will be able to access many of these records, they will often require you to contact the institution whom administrates that particular type of court record.

Generally, the best place to begin any court records search is through the Probate Office of that county. In Conecuh County, the Probate Office also serves as the Recorder, the Register of Deeds, and issues Marriage Licenses, and can be contacted by dialing (251)578-1221, or by visiting their office in person at 111 Court St., Room 104, Evergreen, AL 36401.
If you’re hunting for criminal records, then you will want to contact the Conecuh County Circuit Court. This court handles all cases that are criminal related, as well as those elevated beyond civil court status. This court can be contacted by calling (251)578-2421, or by visiting the Conecuh County Circuit Court in person at 111 Court St., Evergreen, AL 36401.

If neither of the local courts in Conecuh County are able to provide you with the records that you are looking for, then you should get in touch with the Alabama Supreme Court and State Law Library in Montgomery. The reference desk of the library has access to a very large majority of court cases throughout Alabama, and their staff is trained in research and hunting down court cases. You can email them at [email protected], or by calling (800)236-4069.