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Conecuh County Marriage and Divorce Records

While accessing a huge variety of official records on individuals in Alabama can be tremendously difficult to a large number of privacy laws, this isn’t the case for Vital Records in Alabama. Vital Records, which include marriage records, divorce records, birth certificates and death certificates are all archived and stored in a database and are easily accessible.

Although birth and death records have some requirements placed upon them concerning whom may access them, marriage records & divorce certificates have no such requirements. Because these types of Vital Records are considered, by Alabama state law, to be publicly accessible, anyone may access these at any time.

However, you should note that to order a copy of any type of Vital Record, including both marriage licenses and divorce records, you will have to pay the Alabama Department of Public Health a $15.00 fee for the first such copy, and $6.00 for each additional copy.

In order to receive a copy of a marriage record, first visit the corresponding ADPH webpage at Here, more information about marriage records can be located, in addition to download the download mail-in application. The divorce version of this page can be accessed a

If you wish to visit the Conecuh branch office of the ADPH, you can do so at 102 Wild Avenue, Evergreen, Alabama 36401. They may be reached via telephone at (251)578-5265.